High quality drinking straws add value to your package. That's why we develop, produce and market our own drinking straws, available for you to choose from in different lengths and diameters, depending on the viscosity of the product, the shape and size of the package.

Push the straw back in the pack

Push the straw back in the pack

One simple way to reduce waste is to make sure everything ends up in the proper bin rather than on our roads, landscapes and waterways. For packages that have a straw or screw cap, push the straw back in the empty pack or re-attach the cap when you are finished with your drink before disposing. This step will ensure all parts of the package go through the proper disposal process together.

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Sensory straws

Sensory Straw

Makes drinking fun

The Sensory Straw squirts liquids directly into the drinker's mouth, making drinking real fun for children and teenagers.

The difference between a traditional straw and the Sensory Straw is that the Sensory Straw has a flat top with four small holes instead of just a big one. This makes the liquid flow in four directions in a person's mouth at the same time. That's a real change in drinking experience.

Straight drinking straws

Straight straw

Add more with a straw

Straws add value to packages and make drinking a real on-the-go experience. We offer straight straws in different lengths and diameters, and in a wide range of colours to match your package design.

Drinking straws

Telescopic straw

Get down to the goodness

Telescopic straws are an ideal way to get down to business with delicious beverages. They enhance your consumers' drinking experience by providing a longer straw, even on small portion packs.

Drinking U-straws


Draw straws

Easy to use and great for children. Our U-shaped straw just slips into the package and lets consumers sip the contents - convenience that makes it the market leader.

Drinking Z-Straws


Bringing the extra

Z-straw is a U-straw with two sets of corrugations, bringing the extra fun and comfort with an extra bending. It offers ease of drinking with less spillage and loved by kids with its playful drinking experience.

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