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Membrane filtration solutions for dairy and plant-based products?

Membrane filtration is the natural way to optimize the value of dairy and plant-based products and to reuse water. The technology is used for creating fermented products such as? skyr and Greek yogurt, whey proteins for infant, sports, and senior nutrition, for concentrating plant-based proteins – and for recovering water from milk and fruits to be used in the production process instead of letting the excess water go to drain, just to mention a few.

Virtually all common dairy processes utilize membrane filtration directly or indirectly. The implementation of membrane filtration can be driven by a variety of objectives, for instance to increase yield, enhance product quality, improve hygienic conditions, increase production flexibility, and to reduce environmental impact of the operation. For some products, membrane filtration is simply the only viable processing solution.

Our membrane filtration systems operate efficiently in hundreds of plants throughout the world. We offer a complete portfolio of membrane filtration solutions and can supply everything from stand-alone units to line solutions.?

The basics on filtration technology

A liquid contains a number of dissolved or dispersed components of different molecular or particle sizes. By using membranes with pores of different sizes, it is possible to separate exactly the components you wish into separate liquid streams.

Membrane types

The heart in any membrane filtration process is the membrane itself, and choosing the best membrane for a given process is often a complex task. Membrane type, plant design, and processing parameters should be carefully matched to meet the desired performance and cost-efficiency of the overall process.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????Membrane tools

??Troubleshoot your membrane filtration plant and boost performance. We offer a number of handy and easy-to-use tools for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of your plant.

- Tetra Pak Membrane Installation Tool/MIT
- Tetra Pak Membrane Scope
- Tetra Pak ATD removal tool
- Tetra Pak Bubble test kit?

Pilot plants

We offer different types of easy-to-use pilot plants for rental. You can test all the various dairy filtration processes by means of our five types of pilot plants.

Sustainable filtration technologies

Driven by our strong focus on sustainability, protection of the environment, and reuse of natural resources, we have developed a number of innovative membrane-based solutions, which reduce the environmental footprint of the food industry.

Filtration applications

Milk in glass, liquid milk

?????????????????????????Filtration solutions for liquid milk

Membrane filtration plays a major role in milk processing - a cost effective and gentle process, which uses no heat.

Whey powder

?????????????Filtration solutions for whey?

One of the most common applications of membrane filtration in the dairy industry is the treatment of whey from cheese manufacturers.

Yoghurt in bowl

???????????????????Filtration solutions for concentrated fermented dairy products??

Membrane filtration for fermented products offers an interesting and profitable alternative with several positive characteristics.

Protein drink, whey powder

????????????????Filtration solutions for ???milk and whey based ingredients?

Today, milk and whey based ingredients are one of the fastest growing businesses in the dairy industry worldwide. Membrane technology is used in the production of bulk and specialty products

White cheese

??????????????????Filtration solutions for high cheese yield and quality?

Feta and similar cheese types are manufactured by full сoncentration of the milk using UF. Culture or acid, rennet, salt and other additives are added to the retentate, and it can then be cast straight into the appropriate packaging.


Water recovery solutions

Tetra Pak’s Water Competence Center can help dairies and food manufacturers reduce the water intake of their processing facilities considerably.?

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