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Insights to improve your entire plant

Choosing direction can be a difficult challenge, and finding opportunity may require a knowledgeable guide. Our experts around the globe help you evaluate operational performance, so you can stay on track in business. Some of the finest analytical minds in food manufacturing provide actionable advice and deliver proven results. Together we measure, benchmark, and improve your performance across all areas of operations and food protection. And that's expert advice worth banking on.

Focus ?areas:

Operational performance

Expertise to analyse and improve customer’s production with the purpose of reduce cost and improve performance. Examples of KPIs: equipment efficiency, operator productivity and OEE.


Expertise to analyse and improve customer’s quality. Examples of KPIs: sampling rate, cost of quality and quality risk.


Expertise to analyse and improve customer’s environmental performance. Examples of KPIs: CO2-footprint, water consumption and energy.

Production information management

Expertise to analyse and improve customer’s planning, scheduling and monitoring of production automatically. Examples of KPIs: planning and scheduling accuracy.

Supply chain and logistics

Expertise to analyse and improve customer’s management of incoming and outgoing goods. Examples of KPIs: working capital, lead time and asset utilization.????

Illustration visualizing the Tetra Pak Expert Services method – measure, benchmark, improve.

Our method

Our experts help you improve every aspect of the operation to meet your challenges.

Measure - Gather information

Develop baseline (As-Is)

Benchmark - Quantify improvements

  • Benchmark against peers
  • Estimate wanted position (To-Be)
  • Define required capabilities and assets

    Improve - Execute improvement activities

  • Identify and prioritize concrete activities to build required capabilities and assets

  • Create implementation plan
Cartons from a juice producer helped by an environmental benchmark analysis.

Don't just take our word for it...

A juice producer in North America requested our support in order to reduce their CO2 footprint and water consumption. An environmental benchmark analysis was undertaken to understand the As-Is situation and to identify improvement potential. The suggested solutions based on the analysis included optimization of the customer’s Cleaning in Place (CIP) and upgrading of the heating and cooling systems which resulted in a 20% CO2 reduction and a 30% reduction in water consumption.

Read full customer case: Environmental benchmark analysis helped a North American juice producer reduce CO2 footprint and water consumption (pdf)

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