??????????????????Proactive care to secure reliability?

Any moving system needs looking after. Just look at your own car – regular care can go a long way. A production line, or even an entire plant, is not much different. Tetra Pak covers the full spectrum of maintenance to secure your reliability and keep you on your way.?

Predicting failures before they happen

Predictive Maintenance with Condition Monitoring allow us to predict failures before they occur. By using real-time monitoring of critical equipment areas, we identify deviations in machine functio?ns that could lead to machine stops or breakdowns.

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Predictive maintenance

Experts in the lab

Full TPM approach helps Asian dairy producer reduce claims by 74%

Learn how we helped an Asian dairy producer reduce claims by 74% introducing a fresh maintenance services approach – TPM.

Global map created by dots and lines

Total Productive Maintenance approach helps dairy company save $6.5M

Learn how we helped a dairy company improve efficiency using our expertise to help them get the most from their operations.

Tetra Pak service engineers at packaging line.

Tailor-made maintenance solutions cut costs by 45%

Learn how we helped a dairy cooperative cut Maintenance costs with 45% with help of a tailor-made maintenance solution.

Service engineers perform maintenance work – both preventive and corrective maintenance.

Tetra Pak® Maintenance Services include services in the areas of:

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Site Support

  • Equipment Assessments

  • Maintenance Management

Digitalisation of Services

See how we can use cutting-edge digital tools and innovations like connected machines, data analytics, mobility apps, virtual training, remote support etc. – to bring value to our customer.

Find more about our remote support and automation services and our expert services.

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Industri 4.0 whitepaper

Industry 4.0 for food and beverage producers

How will developing technologies like AI and robots, big data and complex algorithms transform your business? Watch the webinar or sign up to download the whitepaper ,“Industry 4.0: Opening a door to new opportunities for the food and beverage industry”.

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