Engaging customers

Our goal is to create and share value for and with our customers through our products and services. We are constantly striving to develop new products and processes that meet our rigorous quality and safety standards, while having a lower environmental footprint.

Understanding our customers

We take pride in the fact that many of our relationships stretch back for years – and even decades. We believe this is because we are continually working together to find the most sustainable, cost-effective solution to complex challenges.

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Sustainable packages

Our long-term ambition is that all our packaging material will be made from 100 percent renewable materials, without compromising safety, quality or functionality. With more than 70 percent of our packages made from paperboard, we continue to focus our efforts on sustainable timber, while also innovating around polymers and aluminium.

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Sustainable equipment

Every day, we work with our customers to find more efficient processing and packaging solutions. Our joint aim is to minimise waste and spoilage, while reducing energy and water consumption – keeping efficiencies up and costs down.

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Value-adding services

We offer our customers a range of services that help them understand their current costs and impact and identify opportunities for savings and optimisation. With this holistic view, our customers can become more sustainable while adding value to their business.

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