Girl drinking milk, processing solutions

Processing Solutions

Processing solutions and equipment for dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages and prepared food.

Carton packages for food and beverages

Packaging Solutions

A complete carton packaging range for consuming fresh products, offering user convenience, easy opening and optimal shelf life.

Service solutions, improving performance

Service Solutions

Tetra Pak? Services helps you improve your performance, optimize costs and ensure food safety throughout the lifecycle of your operations.

We can help you with your food.

Securing superior service

The new Tetra Pak? Plant Secure management service can help improve efficiency and cut production costs by looking in detail at the whole plant.

The service starts with a detailed audit of all equipment and systems, enabling our specialists to identify opportunities and implement improvements throughout the entire operation. All Tetra Pak Plant Secure contracts come with targets around operational expenditure reduction and capital expenditure optimisation.

Pilot projects have been carried out in the Americas and in Europe, delivering results above customer expectations. For example, an Americas-based dairy producer reduced operating costs by more than 10% in the first year of implementation, and the project continues to deliver further savings.

Yieldmaster comes to the UK

Over 110 Tetra Pak Yieldmaster 2 cheese vats are in use but until recently they have only been available to customers in the USA. Now this premier vat is available globally, made at our factory in Sherborne, Dorset.

The largest vat in the three-model range can hold over 37,000 lites of milk. Its unique design reduces operator time, water needed for rinsing and the water jacket provides highly effective heat transfer.


Tetra Pak Earns Top Award for Manufacturing Excellence for Lahore and Hohhot Factory

Press Release

Tetra Pak’s packaging material factory in Lahore, Pakistan and the Hohhot factory in China have both received the TPM awards

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Tetra Pak scores double ‘A’ by CDP for leading efforts against climate change and protecting forests

Press Release

Tetra Pak has been commended for its climate action and driving sustainable sourcing in its supply chain for the fourth time, achieving a place on CDP's A List

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Tetra Pak launches first virtual marketplace for food and beverage manufacturers

Press Release

Tetra Pak has today unveiled the food and beverage (F&B) industry’s first full-scale virtual marketplace, created using Mirakl SaaS Marketplace solutions

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?Tetra Pak collaborates with Hexagon in Smart Plant Engineering Platform

Press Release

Virtual design and visualisation of entire plant solutions enabling digital twins and optimal solutions

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Customer cases and articles

Impact of raw milk composition and storage temperature on UHT milk shelf life

Case Page

??????Scientific article - Impact of raw milk composition and storage temperature on UHT milk shelf life Models and experiments combined in research project

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Oat-based beverages – strategies & processing challenges

Case Page

Oat-based beverages are winning increased popularity. As a useful starting point for producers entering this segment, we have identified the main challenges

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Optimizing fractionation of milk proteins with filtration technology

Case Page

Separating milk proteins in pure fractions containing casein and whey protein respectively is a dream scenario enabling production of interesting food products

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